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Cocktail Bar Hire For Car Launches

Let’s be honest – sometimes a new car launch can fall a little short of its true potential, usually because of time and budget constraints. You are pressured by the manufacturer to put on an event that just turns into a cost. The event is deemed a success, but does it leave the customer feeling wowed and help to sell more cars? Whilst some launches are great events, many fall short of the mark and don’t deliver a return on your investment.

We know that today’s modern car buyer definitely doesn’t enjoy the hard sell, especially at a launch event. They have plenty of choice, are wary of marketing traps and buy only from people they know, like and trust. Buyers are the ones who get regular value through the ownership lifecycle of the car from the dealership, not just when it’s renewal time.

Giving them time and space to mingle and chat not only creates a relaxed atmosphere, it will stick in their minds that you are not ready to pounce on the every time they walk through the door! Creating trust by keeping a lighthearted mood with minimal money talk will make them want to stay and really enjoy the event.

Picture this: Your new car launch is busy with chatty invitees, soaking up the atmosphere with a welcome drink at a seriously impressive event that has its own cocktail bar, personalised cocktails, such as the ‘A-Class Amaretto Sour’ and the ‘Mazda Mojito’, along with expert bartenders who can juggle (or flair as we call it) and wow the crowd. This is what you’ll get by booking Mix & Twist for your next new car launch!happen!

Welcome Drink

We can tailor packages with strategy in mind, to have your VIP prospects itching to come back and see you to close the deal. Woo them with a behind the curtains cocktail masterclass, indulge them with branded goody bags, containing mini personalised spirits, cocktail recipe cards and branded goods. We can help you to plan the follow up approach after the event too, to ensure that the conversation keeps on flowing.

It can seem a little daunting and perhaps out of the ordinary to really pull a showstopper out of the bag.
But of course, you really do get out of an event what you put in, and this is where a Mix & Twist cocktail bar comes in!

The new car launches that we have been part of have been a roaring success; our services offering an exciting and welcoming twist, to make an event truly stick inside a potential buyer’s head.

So when is your next new car launch? To become the star of the show and increase engagement at your events, click the button below to send us an enquiry.

Mix & Twist Cocktail Bar

“I’ve used Mix & Twist a number of times for events across our Mercedes- Benz Market Area. Using Mix and Twist has provided a’ touch of class’ to the event, having a fully functioning onsite bar with professional staff really has added the extra WOW factor. Mix and Twist have always been very professional and easy to do business with.” – Gemma Callaghan.

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