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Bartender Consultancy

With the increase in popularity of cocktails, it’s vital that you stay ahead of the game!

The cocktail market is continuing to grow, so there is significant lost revenue from serving poor quality cocktails or not serving cocktails at all.

To take advantage of this you must have experienced bar staff, so we have put together a flexible consultancy package that will:

  • Excite and interest your staff in cocktails
  • Give them confidence and experience with cocktail bartending
  • Put your business ahead of the competition
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase your customer base

From your initial call we will gather information and create a tailored training package. You will be provided with a preliminary training report and from there, if you decide to go ahead, you will be visited from one of our trainer bartenders who will develop your team. You will also be given access to online training videos and support.

Bexter’s coffee wanted to up their game, so they decided to start serving cocktails! They wanted top quality, freshly made cocktails, so they invited us to train their young and completely inexperienced team. Over three sessions the team were transformed into confident level 1 cocktail mixologists. Their cocktail launch night was a huge success and the staff managed to quickly create large rounds of orders, whilst keeping the best quality. You can now pop in to Bexter’s for a Strawberry Daiquiri or Mojito any time after 6pm!

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