Mix & Twist | Bar Training At Bexter's Coffee Company
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Bexter’s Bar Training

To train the Barista’s at Bexter’s Coffee Company to make cocktails for their new evening opening.
  • Bexter’s Bar Training
  • Bar Training
  • Bexter’s Bar Training

Project Info

Project Description

WHERE | Manchester.

WHO | Bexter’s Coffee Company.

WHAT WE DID | Over three separate training sessions, the staff at Bexter’s took to cocktail making really fast and we developed their skills whilst teaching them how to create cocktails quickly, efficiently and at a very high quality.

WHAT THEY LEARNED | Strawberry Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan, Pornstar Martini, Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Tom Collins, Peach Bellini, Kir Royale, Strawberry Rossini


OUTCOME | Bexter’s continue to sell cocktails and said they are flying out!

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