Bartender Hire For Exhibition Stands

Exhibition Stands Bartender Hire

The most powerful marketing tool you will see at an exhibition!

You’ve spent all your time, money and effort developing your stand and pitch but how can you be sure people will stop and talk to you? You really don’t want to go back empty handed.

If you‘ve never come across cocktails at an exhibition stand, let me tell you it is the most popular stand at the exhibition. Loads of buzz and excitement as delegates charge towards the cocktail bar to swap decision makers contact details for a cocktail or mocktail!

Fresh cocktail and mocktail ingredients

Our recommended all-inclusive mobile bar and bartender hire package can include:

  • Fresh cocktail and mocktail ingredients
  • Entertaining and eye catching bartenders
  • Branded bar units
  • Branded cocktail menu
  • Waitresses
  • The most popular stand at the exhibition

There are lots of bespoke options available and the event will be tailored for your needs so please give us a call or email to discuss further.

Most popular stand at the exhibition

We added wow factor to an exhibition stand for the IT and telecoms company Millgate. We created specially branded cocktails and mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) with a business card garnish. The majority of delegates spent their time looking for the “cocktail stand”. All day delegates with lit up eyes were saying they’ve “been looking for you all day” and how “they couldn’t wait to have a cocktail”. All they had to do was speak with one of the sales reps and give those all important details.

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