Terms and Conditions Mix & Twist

Mix and Twist Corporate LTD 

Quotes given are valid for 7 days, after this period the prices may vary. The event cannot be confirmed without prompt receipt of the deposit, so to avoid disappointment please pay the non-refundable deposit within 48 hours. The final payment is due 21 days prior to event, if payment is not made, we would not be able to complete the event unless credit terms are agreed before the sale.

All post event costs including extra bartending hours, stock, broken and lost glasses, damage and loss to bars and equipment is due within 7 days after event. All-inclusive and unlimited events are charged at a pre-determined rate, all stock (as we bring extra to ensure you don’t run out) remains the property of Mix & Twist after the contracted hours, if extra is needed the additional drinks will be invoiced post event. Along with any extra bartender hours, this is due 7 days post event. Broken and missing glasses will be charged at £3 per glass and damaged equipment will be charged appropriately.

We will always do our very best to accommodate your timings, but the delivery and collection times will revolve around our logistics for that date unless specified at the point of sale, which may incur a surcharge. Also, please let us know early if it is a surprise so we can join in. Full directions are required to ensure the team arrives on time, failure to provide the information may result in lateness. The weather may also hinder the ability to service the event. Please bear in mind that fast drink service will be prioritised over flair bartending.

To provide your unlimited bar service we use a formula, based on years of experience, developed to calculate the quantity of each product needed at each event type. On rare occasions, if one drink is dramatically more popular, we may run out of that drink. If you know your group has a heavy preference for a particular drink, please let us know so we can accommodate it.

To avoid the build up of huge amounts of glasses when appropriate we will factor in washing and replenishing the glassware for your event. Please speak to us if you have any special requirements regarding glassware.

We operate a challenge 25 policy and must by law and will not serve anyone who exhibits drunk behaviour, to uphold this law the bartender may ask for I.D. The bartender may refuse service or offer non-alcoholic drinks to guests.

Although our team work like machines, they do sometimes need a recharge. A food and refreshment area is always welcome at long events. Please notify us if this is not possible so we can arrange refreshments.

Mix & Twist reserves the right to exceed your expectations.