Cheers to 2024: Let's Shake Things Up!


We can’t be the only ones who thought 2023 flew by, in the blink of an eye. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of starting the New Year? Unrealistic New Year’s resolutions (Committing to that Gym membership), Veganuary and of course dry-Jan. I am sadly unable to partake in this as my birthday is in January 😉

Now we've all heard of Blue Monday, so let's be proactive about perking up the team. Throw in some surprise treats, maybe a team-building activity or two, and create an atmosphere of support and good vibes. A little effort can go a long way in banishing those January blues.

Mocktail Alternatives & Mocktail Masterclass

Dry-Jan doesn’t mean just drinking water and soft-drinks. Shake things up with non-alcoholic drinks that are as tasty as they are guilt-free. Turn your Mojito into an Apple No-jito. Check out our Instagram for 3 delicious mocktail recipes. Or read our Mocktail Bar Hire for more details

Apple Cover-1 Bramble Cover Pornstar Cover

How about a Mocktail Masterclass? Turn your regular cocktail hour into a fun, creative experience. Get the team together for some mixology magic, and let's create mocktails that'll blow your mind! - Take a look at our Cocktail Masterclass Page

Barista Coffee and Coffee Pop-ups


Beat the January blues with the comforting smell of freshly brewed coffee. Imagine having a barista on-site to whip up your favourite cuppa. Turn your workplace into a cosy coffee corner. Or, surprise your colleagues with a coffee pop-up during breaks. Because who doesn't love a good coffee break? 

Have you checked out our new Mobile Coffee Bar Hire page? Check it out here!

Health & Wellbeing: Smoothie Workshops

Let's kick off the year on a healthy note with smoothie workshops. Blend your way to a happier and more energetic you. Not only will you be on the health train, but these workshops also double as team-building sessions. Healthy vibes and team bonding – win-win!Photo 12-03-2022, 11 10 20-jpg

Kickstarting the year right has countless possibilities, and we're here for you!Get A Quote

Here's to a killer 2024 full of joy, success, and a whole lot of fun in everything we do! Cheers!

Scott Wright (he/him)

About The Author

Scott Wright (he/him)

Having completed his degree in Events Management from the UK Centre for Events Management at Leeds Beckett in 2021, Scott is now carving out his path in the events industry. With a solid 2:1 degree, Scott has progressed to the Events and Marketing Manager at Mix and Twist after joining the company in August 2021. Known for his vibrant personality and creative flair, Scott seamlessly blends his passion for events with a keen interest in marketing. Outside of the professional world, he is a devoted music enthusiast, with a particular love for the iconic Beyoncé. In his downtime, you'll likely find Scott engrossed in episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race, showcasing his appreciation for the colourful and dynamic world of drag.

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