Cocktail Pairing With Asian Food


Cocktail Pairing With Asian Food

Lets talk food and cocktails. Generally speaking, most of my friends only think Japanese beer and sake when it comes to pairing Asian food and drinks.

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But thats not the case at all.

In fact, I had a chance to team up with Benihana to show you how they are rocking it with their cocktails.

Chef Gibo was my guide for the day and after showing me how their signature dishes are made, we moved onto some of their most popular dishes and cocktail pairings.

Below are a few of my favourites.

The Hibachi Salmon and Exotic Mojito ~ I love this pairing because the sweetness of the Mojito enhances all the savoury flavourings of the salmon, while providing a cooling effect that has a way of cleansing your palate to keep every bite fresh and lively.

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My personal favourite of the day was the Seafood Diablo paired with the Yuzu Margarita.

The Yes is so unexpected in a margarita, that youll find yourself ordering a second one.

Good thing there’s a full plate of perfectly cooked seafood to keep you on pace.

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If you are a seafood fan, this one is for you.

The Ocean Treasure dish is a colossal serving of scallops, jumbo shrimp and lobster that’s paired up against the tropical Baby Blue Ocean cocktail.

You will love how the sweetness of the rum and the pineapple vodka balances the richness of the seafood.

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The last selection of the day was the Deluxe Treat, a classic filet and lobster dish that was paired with a Red Plum Sake Sangria a fun play on all your favourite drinks.

Catch them in the summer and they will flip this to a peach sangria.

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