Meet Our Bartenders... Oli Clark


We took five minutes with Oli Clark, one of our top Bartenders, to chat about the business and find out a bit more about him.

What’s Your Favourite Tipple & Why?

Gin … Full of flavour and a reasonable price!

Who Would Win In A Fight Between Superman & Batman & Why?

I’d like to say Batman because, well, it’s Batman! But definitely, Superman because the guy is ace… Unless batman has kryptonite batarangs then Batman is gonna be eating Superman pie for tea.

Favourite Bar Ever & Why?

Zimpla in Budapest… Amazing outdoor bar!

Can You Fit Your Whole Fist In Your Mouth?

No… I have a massive fist.

What’s Your Speciality Cocktail?

Negroni or Rob Roy.

If You Were A Biscuit, What Biscuit Would You Be?


How Did You Get Into Bartending & Why?

Job opportunity came up and always wanted to get into the industry.

What Song Best Describe You & Why?

The Kinks – a well-respected man!

What Do You Think The Next Trend In Cocktails Will Be?

Straight and dry I hope! 

If An Actor Was Playing You In A Film About Your Life, Who Would It Be?

Christian Bale.

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James Abbott

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James Abbott

James Abbott is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record over thirteen years within the hospitality industry, ten of these as a professional flair bartender. James is the pioneer and founder of Mix and Twist and with the help of his team have expanded Mix and Twist into one of the UK’s leading mobile bar companies, serving major corporate clients as well as premium private parties and wedding events. James' interests outside his passion for being an entrepreneur is his family, his favourite charity which he is dedicated to supporting is Barnados. Connect with James on social media.

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