The Definitive Guide To Choosing Wine For Your Next Party


With summer in full swing, we’ll bet that you’ve all enjoyed a glass of wine outdoors, in a beer garden, or ordered from a mobile bar at an event, for example. We all have a favourite type of wine – red, white or rosé, that we look forward to indulging in on an evening, or at the end of a particularly trying week at the office. Whatever your preferred tipple, you’ll have sussed out the best temperature to serve it at, the ideal glass from which to drink it from, and your favourite snacks to enjoy it with. And that’s because wine is a very personal thing. We let it join us in commemorating life events – like birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries – we include it in seasonal celebrations like Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day, and we confide in it when we wish to drown our sorrows and feel it’s comforting effects.

But once we’ve gotten well acquainted with our drink of choice, it can be hard to stray away from the comfort of the known. If you love your Sauvignon Blanc then you may find it hard to determine your Merlot from your Malbec. So when it comes to throwing a party, having to cater to the different preferences of all of your guests can be pretty confusing. How do you know what to buy? What goes best with what food? Should you just use a mobile bar hire service and save yourself the stress?

Well, we have put together the definitive guide to choosing wine for your next summer party. Read on below to equip yourself with enough knowledge to draw-up your drinks list, or book one of our mobile cocktail bars and leave it down to us.

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The perfect partner for chicken and fish, so absolutely ideal for an al fresco dinner party in the sun with friends. White wine is light, refreshing and its chilled temperature makes it a suitable summer drink. All our mobile cocktail bars come with plenty of chilling facilities meaning that we can always serve your drink at the optimum temperature. Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are all part of this category. If this isn’t your drink of choice then don’t feel you need to buy a few bottles of each type for the white wine lovers in your life, just opt for something medium like a Pinot or a Sauvignon as it will please the majority of your guests.


Not typically considered a summer drink, given the fact that red wine is served at room temperature as opposed to anything cooler, it’s the perfect pairing for red meat dishes like beef, lamb, and pork which are usually the staple offerings at your average summer BBQ. It’s also a great one to enjoy as the evening draws in and the temperature drops slightly as red wine is said to have a warming effect. A Merlot is a great choice to please those who favour Vino Tinto as it is medium-bodied – which means that it’s full of flavour but not too strong. With notes of blackberry, plum, chocolate and vanilla, it’s a smooth drink that goes down a treat. When you book our mobile bar hire services we can always recommend you the most suitable type of wine and other drinks for your event, so you feel confident in your selections.


Best enjoyed on the Italian Riviera on a boiling hot day in August, however still very enjoyable at English garden parties all summer round, Rosé is a very easy wine to drink. It’s arguably the fruitiest of the three, and there tend to be fewer types of this wine on offer to choose between. A Pinot Blush or a White Zinfandel is your most common options and fans of Rosé will likely be happy with either. Pop this in a bucket of ice (or hire a bartender to do this for you!) and watch everyone sip with smiles on their faces during your summer party.

Depending on how long your event will last for, a couple of glasses per wine per person will usually suffice (unless your friends are known for being the go-hard or go-home types) and so use that as a guideline as to how much to buy. Or our mobile bar hire staff will be able to recommend you the right quantities if you’re wanting someone to take the responsibility of the drinks off your hands. Finally, you can always hire a bartender for your party, so you won’t have to serve any drinks, which will actually leave you room for a drink in each hand. And that’s never a bad thing… Chin! Chin!


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