The Future Of Cocktails


We all love a good cocktail – but what does the future hold? Strange inventions, machines and science-fiction magic all combine to push the boundaries and change the way we consume our alcohol in the future. As our drinks become more and more high-tech, what exactly will we be drinking in the future?

What Heston Blumenthal has done for food with his strange and fantastical molecular tricks with foam, others are attempting to do with cocktails. Exciting new developments in drink-making are fusing science and technology with our drinks in a quest for ever more intricate and exciting cocktails. This pioneering movement is the logical next step of the molecular gastronomy movement, but the cocktails of the future go a step further to revolutionise even the dining experience.

Crazy, colourful and complicated – can we handle these new drink sensations? Molecular mixology brings an incredible scientific edge to not only create new flavours but also new textures, from delicate foam bubbles and cocktails spheres that burst in your mouth to edible cocktails textured as jellies and marshmallows. Edible cocktails? That’s right, we gasped as well.

Future Gin Cocktails

The Party Scene

Your birthday party is just asking for the addition of one of our mobile cocktail bars. Chat with your friends and dance the night away with your favourite cocktail in hand. With us, everything will be taken care of and you can enjoy the one night that’s all about you.

If hands-on events are more to your taste, we offer a great cocktail masterclass option too. Perfect for any big event, our mixology classes allow you to mix, muddle, shake and stir your very own cocktail, and the best bit is getting to taste test them after!


Even powdered cocktails are available as well as paper-thin cocktails and fruit-suspensions. All that is needed is enough creativity and imagination to create cocktails in a variety of previously unimaginable shapes and textures. However you want to consume your alcohol – where there’s a will there’s a way!

Some mixologists envision a future in which cocktails which now serve as aperitifs to cleanse the palette become ever more popular, even to the extent that they will become parts of the meal. Yep, you heard us, you could soon be drinking cocktails for dinner! In the same vein of merging cocktails and food, a new trick using liquid nitrogen could lead to powdering fresh herbs to suffuse infuse into cocktails on the spot. Sweet ingredients such as chocolate are also being fused with our drinks, merging cocktails with desserts. Now, that does sound delicious!

Other exciting possibilities include offering customers cocktails that they can choose to alter themselves with droppers containing different tastes, such as sweet, salty, sour and bitter to create their own incredibly unique and customized result. Sounds like there’s some assembly required with these, but you’ll definitely have a drink that’s different!

Future Cocktail 2


However, pretty soon we may not even be drinking our cocktails at all, as new processes by which cocktails are vaporised and then inhaled by customers allows the body to absorb the alcohol in a unique way without any need to drink. Not too sure if we fancy just sniffing our cocktails – but to each his own!

With deconstruction at an all-time high for food and drink, breaking down cocktails into their basic ingredients in order to intensify tastes and experiences is becoming the norm.  Experimentations with plant resins and extracts take drinks to a whole new level in an effort to engage all the senses with one cocktail experience. One thing is for sure, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding how to enjoy your next cocktail.


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