Bonfire Night Cocktail Ideas


Bonfire Night Cocktail

Bonfire night cocktail – “Firework Inferno”


Bonfires, fireworks, Guy Forks, toffee apples and now cocktails!

Mix & Twist has fused together some explosive ingredients to bring to you the “firework inferno” cocktail. This toffee apple tasting tipple will excite your taste buds and wow your eyes!


Please stand 5 metres back once cocktail is made (extra long straw or skills required)

About The Bonfire Night Cocktail

Name: Firework Inferno

Glassware: Hurricane Cocktail Glass


  • Apple Vodka: 25 ml
  • Spiced rum: 25ml
  • Toffee or caramel syrup: 12.5ml
  • Pomegranate juice: 50ml
  • Pineapple juice: 30ml
  • Pomegranate seed ice cubes: 9
  • Gold leaf
  • Sugar Syrup: 5ml
  • Cinder Toffee: 3g
  • Bonfire lolly (optional)

Garnish: Pomegranate Wheel and Popping candy and yes…Fireworks!



Ice up the cocktail glass with normal and pomegranate ice cubes. Pour Apple vodka, spiced rum, pomegranate juice and toffee syrup in a mixing glass and small tears of gold leaf then shake with ice.

Pour the shaken ingredients over the iced cocktail glass. Crumble the cinder toffee onto the drink. Then add the pineapple and sugar syrup to a mixing glass and shake vigorously with until frothy (about 12 secs) then pour into glass producing a foamy head.

Add pomegranate wheel and sprinkle the popping candy on top (add optional bonfire lolly for dipping), queue sound effects, light fireworks and serve…stand back!

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