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Hello and welcome to our weekly refreshment blog, packed full refreshing goodness. In this weeks serving you can find out how one cocktail bar is supporting the Young Women's Trust and  be introduced to the 'next new thing' in the gin world. Our weekly mix is a Pancake Cocktail if you want to redo a more adult pancake session.  We'll be learning a flair move at home and you'll see where you can pick up one of the most useful tools of the bar trade. We've also got some mega exciting company news this week, the showcase is today!

Whats New?

Be At One joins Young Women's Trust in new charity campaign. The bar has created three new limited edition 'Spirited Women' cocktails in the aim of aims to 'give economic power to young women by raising their voices, challenging sexist stereotypes and rebuilding workplaces free from discrimination'. Read more here…https://www.expressandstar.com/entertainment/dining-out/2020/02/26/be-at-one-joins-young-womens-trust-in-new-charity-campaign/

Wine-flavoured gin is now a thing - and there's new cocktails too…https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/whats-on/whats-on-news/wine-flavoured-gin-now-thing-17785323

Erm, the jury is still out on this one.

Pancake Day Cocktail


Cocktail of the Week

As it was Pancake Tuesday this week we crafted a beautiful dessert cocktail called the Pancake Martini, as Tuesday is a school night we through you could have a go at this delight for some weekend fun.

Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass, shake with ice then strain into a coupe glass. Power with chocolate dust and drizzle honey. Lovely! 

Maple syrup 20ml 

Creme de cacao 15ml 

Vanilla vodka 30ml 

Havana dark especial 12.5 ml 

Milk/half n half 25ml 

Choc dust garnish 

Honey drizzle coupe

If you'd prefer someone else makes your drinks you can give us a shout.

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Product of the Week - Mexican Elbow

This lean mean hand powered juicing machine, has been helping bartenders and bar backs extract the cocktail essential citrus juice from lemons and limes for decades.

Originally the design used just two pieces of wood, connected by a hinge. The product development has come along way, you can pick yourself one from Amazon for around £8, here's the link, if you fancy juicing like a bartender at home.

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Supplier Spotlight

We'll be working with the fantastic Catering Yorkshire at the Terrace, they are a Yorkshire based family run catering company, we deliver the most diverse and creative food options for all dietary needs, using quality, nutritious and seasonal produce, at the same time working to your set budgets. All catering includes crockery, cutlery, napkins, delivery and have staff available if you need them.  All our team have been trained in corporate hospitality and arrive on-site with a professional manner.


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Other Updates

We're super excited to announce a new Leeds City Centre venue - The Terrace. Think Mix & Twist professional bartending, great drinks selection and unbeatable atmosphere, all with a cool city centre vibe.

We'll be offering a range of events from after work networking, team building and staff reward events.

The Terrace has the versatility to let loose on some innovative new concepts surrounding food, drink and guest interaction.

The launch showcase is today! (Friday 28th) and attendance is invite only but stay posted for updates and future events.

James Abbott

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James Abbott

James Abbott is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record over thirteen years within the hospitality industry, ten of these as a professional flair bartender. James is the pioneer and founder of Mix and Twist and with the help of his team have expanded Mix and Twist into one of the UK’s leading mobile bar companies, serving major corporate clients as well as premium private parties and wedding events. James' interests outside his passion for being an entrepreneur is his family, his favourite charity which he is dedicated to supporting is Barnados. Connect with James on social media.

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