High and Low Calorie Drinks: What are the Options?


It’s fair to say that some of our favourite alcoholic beverages have a bit of a reputation for being less than kind to our waistline… and shockingly some of the most well known cocktails can contain more calories than a small meal! We’ve done some research on the highest and lowest calorie options.

The main culprits...

We’ll start by calling out some of the highest calorie cocktails - and whilst some won’t come as a surprise, others may be quite unexpected. Of course, the Pina Colada is one to watch, most commonly made with cream or coconut milk; they are one of the worst offenders and can have over 600 calories each. We have rationalized that as one is most likely to have a Pina Colada in hand on a sunny beach many miles from home, calorie consumption isn’t likely to be high on the priority list!


However, it may come as a surprise to hear that an average Long Island Ice Tea, made with a mix of a variety of different spirits, has over 700 calories! Who’s been guilty of knocking back a few too many of these at one time or another?! – and yes, we’re mentally calculating how many doughnuts we could’ve enjoyed instead…!




So now we’ve called out some of the worst offenders, how about some options that are still guaranteed to hit the spot but won’t have a negative impact on your summer body efforts? It’s no coincidence that one of the reasons why gin has grown in popularity recently is because it’s one of the most low calorie options. With a low calorie tonic, a double measure of gin is only around 120 calories, which is less than a large banana…! Lucky for us, there are now a huge variety of different gins available, including many different flavoured gins. Some bars are even dedicating an entire menu to gin based cocktails, complimented by a variety of flavoured low calorie tonics; we particularly like the Fever Tree and Fentimans range.


Another low calorie option is the Cosmopolitan, made with a mix of vodka, triple sec, lime juice and raspberry juice; an average serving is only around 150 calories. Coming in around the same, at just 160 calories, is everyone’s favourite, the Mojito! A standard Mojito is made with light rum, soda water, fresh lime, fresh mint and sugar, making it a lighter choice. We’ll take two!

What would you choose?

We’d love to hear your thoughts; were you surprised by our findings? Would this influence your choices? Get in touch and let us know!

James Abbott

About The Author

James Abbott

James Abbott is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record over thirteen years within the hospitality industry, ten of these as a professional flair bartender. James is the pioneer and founder of Mix and Twist and with the help of his team have expanded Mix and Twist into one of the UK’s leading mobile bar companies, serving major corporate clients as well as premium private parties and wedding events. James' interests outside his passion for being an entrepreneur is his family, his favourite charity which he is dedicated to supporting is Barnados. Connect with James on social media.

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