Low Calorie Cocktails - Our Guide To The Best


A Quick Guide To Our Favourite Low-Calorie Cocktails

We’ve put together a quick guide to our favourite low-calorie cocktails to help you enjoy your night out without worrying about the weight – always remember to avoid sugary, fizzy mixers and aim for fresh fruit flavours and soda water with your spirits…

Our Guide To The Best Low-Calorie Cocktails

Choosing low-calorie cocktails doesn’t have to mean compromising on taste – which is great news for calorie counters who are trying to maintain a weight-loss diet without completely cutting out all their treats!

Most of us know that alcohol is full of ‘empty calories’, but it’s not just the alcohol you need to consider when choosing ‘healthier’ option cocktails. It’s the carbohydrates and sugars that will catch you out if you’re not careful, so always try to aim for cocktails with light mixers, such as sugar-free versions or soda water – remember that while tonic water may sound healthy, it’s still full of sugar!

6 Low-Calorie Cocktails You’ll Love!

First of all, it’s worth pointing out that calorie counts included in these low-calorie cocktail recipes are only approximate, but they’ll give you a good guide to choosing the best diet-friendly drinks while you’re socialising.

Exact calories may vary to a degree depending on the mixers chosen – but classic spirits are generally a much better choice from a calorie perspective than beer, cider or wine.

  1. Tequila and soda – a basic cocktail, but one of the favourites for healthier drinkers at just 69 calories! Tequila has the lowest glycemic index of any alcohol, soda water has zero calories and with a squeeze of lime or a cucumber garnish, you’ll be avoiding sugary fruits too.
  2. Paloma – Mexicans don’t just love margaritas, they’re also big fans of the Paloma cocktail – and at 165 or so calories and a sharp, fruity twist, we think you’ll love them too. Simply add equal amounts of grapefruit juice and soda to tequila or mescal, mix with a small spoon of sugar (or stevia for less calories) and add a good squeeze of lime and a pinch of salt.
  3. Mojito – this low-calorie combo of white rum, lime, mint, sugar and soda is a time-honoured favourite and the ideal drink to enjoy while keeping score of your intake at only 168 calories. The added sugar (or sugar syrup) used isn’t ideal, but as with all cocktails using this ingredient, stevia is a healthier alternative. Go dirty and substitute the white rum for spiced rum if you want to mix it up a bit.
  4. Sazerac – fancy a bit more ‘punch’ with your low calorie cocktails? Then whiskey lovers need to look no further than this tasty mix of whiskey, absinth, bitters, sugar and plain old water for a drink that comes in at around 136 calories.
  5. Gin Gimlet – for 178 calories you can imbibe your favourite type of gin with a splash of sweet lime juice, or shave a few calories off the total but using fresh lime and a splash of simple syrup instead. You can always go old-school and have a plain old G&T for just 148 calories though.
  6. Dry Martini – another gin-based beauty clocking in at approx 175 calories, but by requesting your drink dry, you’ll get a little more gin and a little less vermouth and the best of both worlds when it comes to counting calories and tantalising your taste buds.

Along with the above, mulled wine, fresh berry daiquiris and any cocktail that consists of a spirit, soda and light fruit combination are also options with you’re seeking low calorie cocktails that still deliver on deliciousness – we hope you enjoy finding your favourites!

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